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Built by master craftsmen, our selection of saddles will help your horse or mule perform his work and maneuvers comfortably, while helping you freely perform different actions as well as enhance balance and position. And you’ll be looking good, too.

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Find the Right Western Saddle for the Job

Western saddles for sale including versatile "All Around" work saddles

All around work saddles
are built with overall strength to endure a wide range of ranch work. They generally have a flatter seat to give you room to move, close contact skirts and a strong, tall horn for holding on to.

Barrel racing saddles Barrel racing saddles
are built for maximum speed and designed to allow unrestricted movement for the horse, and balance and close contact for the rider without constraint. You’ll find these lighter weight western saddles for sale with and without trees, and have the stamp of approval from U.S. top barrel racing competitors.

Cutting horse saddlesCutting saddles
allow the cutting horse greater freedom of movement and provide the rider with maximum balance in the saddle, with prominent swells, low cantle and taller horns to be grasped for fast stops, turns and sprints. Cutting and penning saddles for ranch and cow work.

Reining Saddles for saleReining saddles
are built for close contact to allow reiners to give subtle cues, and a lower horn and fork that stays out of the way. Perfect for all your circles, rollbacks, spins and sliding stops. Large selection including Crates, Billy Cook, Circle Y, South Bend, Reinsman, Big Horn, Courts, Dakota and Alamo. Usually a good selection of used reining saddles is available.

Roping saddlesRoping saddles
need to be incredibly strong with a thicker, shorter horn to take the punishment of a horse keeping the rope taut on a calf, with the cantle built low for fast and easy dismounts. Plenty of ranch, arena and team roping saddles available, including Courts, Big Horn, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Dakota, Alamo, Martin and American Saddlery. Also used roping saddles.

Western Show SaddlesWestern show saddles
 that will turn heads around the show pen, while allowing your horse to perform his best. These saddles exceed expectations with premium hand-tooled leather and accented with silver corner plates, conchos, sterling silver plate wrapped cantle, pommel plates and silver horn caps.

Western Trail Saddles for SaleTrail saddles
must give both the horse and rider maximum comfort and freedom, and be designed to enhance your horse’s way of going. Many western pleasure and gaited saddles fall into this category. Find the best trail saddles including the Tucker Endurance Saddle on the market for men, ladies and youth, and saddles for the hard-to-fit horse or mule.

Full line of Ranch SaddlesRanch Saddles
are built for those who spend long hours on horseback, to withstand rugged daily ranch work yet provide continued comfort for both horse and rider. Popular Wade, Buckaroo, mountain, hunting and other ranch type western saddles for sale, built to fit the rigors and specific needs of ranching from working cows to mending fences.

Cordura saddlesCordura Saddles
– A popular favorite, cordura western saddles are easy to clean, and light on your wallet as well as your horse’s back! These are a great choice for many reasons, including ease of use and personal comfort. Cordura saddles and combination leather and cordura western saddles for sale from Abetta, Big Horn, Fabtron, High Horse, South Bend and more. Men’s, Ladies’ and Youth sizes.

Gaited Horse SaddlesGaited Horse Saddles – Built specifically for smooth gaited horse breeds that travel with a four-beat footfall rather than a two-beat stride. Read all about the features available in these saddles that will make a world of difference for your horse.

Mule SaddlesMule Saddles – Western saddles for sale specifically built for a mule’s unique conformation and way of going. Mule saddle trees will generally have flatter bars, with trees designed for strength and durability. Certain brands ensure less bulk under the fenders and jockey. Many mule saddles come with adjustable rigging, extra dees and rear crupper rig. The goods ones will last for generations.

Youth Western SaddlesYouth Saddles – A good youth saddle aids a child’s riding abilities. Whether your child is into western pleasure, barrel racing, roping, or trail riding, a child’s saddle should be built to the same quality standards as adult saddles. Our tips will help you find the right saddle for the job.

treeless saddlesTreeless Saddles – The popularity of treeless saddles has skyrocketed for both english and western riding discplines. For barrel racing, trail, endurance and good old western pleasure riding, check out the freedom, balance and comfort they bring to your ride. Treeless saddles also address many concerns of riders for their horse’s back and comfort, as well as for the rider’s physical benefits.

Make sure you find the ideal fit for you – we offer a full range of seat sizes including 18 inch – 19 inch sizes. We also feature a great selection of used western saddles for sale at real good prices.

Western Tack, Fittings and Accessories

Need Horse Tack? Check us out! The right western tack finishes the job: Saddle pads, headstalls and bridles, breast collars, western bits, reins, cinches, stirrups and fenders, halters, spurs, cowboy boots, horse riding helmets and more.

Need English gear?

We have a variety of English saddles for sale along with gear and tack. From M. Toulouse or Bates to Collegiate or Wintec, we carry the world’s most reputable saddle-makers just for you.