Virtual Horse Games for Kids (Of All Ages!)

Virtual Horse games have caught on like wildfire. There are new sites popping up everywhere with “reality” online horse games, ranging from games geared towards young children, to games that appeal to teenagers and up. How do you know which ones are best for your family?

The most popular games are typically interactive membership sites. For some of the best virtual games you will be asked to pay a small membership fee, and use a login and password.

You become a part of these online horse “communities” where you can choose and customize your horse or pony, and then raise, train, buy, sell, breed, and show your horses in a virtual equestrian world. You interact with other players through forums, chats and other social media.

Our Top Five Picks for Virtual Horse Games:

We’ve taken a look at some of the best online horse riding games for kids and teens. We wanted to evaluate games for fun, appropriate themes for all ages, nothing you have to download, and the ability to be able to play right away.

Our No. 1 Pick:

Star Stable

Star Stables - #1 Virtual Horse Garmes PiclkA brilliant online horse adventure! Riders take care of their own horse, ride in all sorts of competitions, explore the world, and participate in quests in an epic story all about saving their stables. This is an international, multiplayer game with excellent graphics and easy controls. Lots of focus on fun and safety – and although the graphics and controls imply the game is for tweens and teens, Star Stable is played by horse lovers young and old. Warning – this one is habit forming! Star Stable is free, but in order to gain access to the complete game experience, players need to pay a small monthly subscription.

Other Top Picks we’ve found for virtual horse games are:


Virtual Horse Games - Club Pony PalsClub Pony Pals is one of the online horse games that is excellent for young children. It is a membership site where you adopt the “virtual” pony you always wanted, care for and ride your pony through the trails and roads of the make-believe town of Wiggins.
Highly recommended!

Parents: Club Pony Pals is based on the educational books by Jeanne Betancourt. The story is about three girls who ride their ponies together and learn responsibilities while having fun with their ponies. The website is “Safe Surf” rated and labeled with the Internet Content Rating Association with the Family Online Safety Institute.


HorseLand Virtual Horse GameHorseland is an online equestrian community where you care for, breed, and compete with your horses and dogs. You manage the stable and train your horses for western, English, jumping and dressage. Enter jumping games and fun contests, and meet friends from around the world. This is one of the original virtual horse games and stays immensely popular.



Horse Isle Virtual Horse GameAnother top choice of virtual horse games is Horse Isle. You start your quest searching for wild horses that you catch, tame and train; then you and your horse compete with other players, earn money, and participate in games. This virtual game is fun and safe for all ages, but a little difficult for very young kids. There are actually two games on the site: Horse Isle I (recommended minimum age 8) and Horse Isle II with two versions (recommended minimum ages 11 and 16).


Howrse virtual horse gameThe object of Howrse is to breed the best horses and ponies you can. You may also strive to manage and own the top equestrian center. The game is free to join and play, and is very well laid out to teach about breeding, genetics and horse care. You can accomplish much more with your breeding program when you spend a little money.

When you compare the free virtual horse games with the paid membership sites and games we’ve reviewed, the games above are pretty impressive. The visual effects, playability and themes of each are high quality and extremely well done.

More Virtual Horse Games to Play

Parents, it’s a good idea to visit and play any horse games online to be sure each is suitable for your family. Many virtual horse games for kids have monitored forums, where it’s fun to make friends and talk about the game. Just check to make sure that the forum chats stay friendly and helpful!