Will Used Horse Trailer Values Become Standardized?

Finding used horse trailer values – their real values – has been a struggle for used horse trailer owners and buyers. Finally, here’s news about horse trailer blue book values, where both new and used horse trailer prices will become standardized.

2019 Update:

A promising used horse trailer pricing guide by horsetrailerbluebook.com© may be found here: Horse Trailer Blue Book, Comprehensive Pricing Guide with Options – reported to contain years of comprehensive data ranging from 1992 to 2019, to be used as a valuation guide for used trailers. It’s worth a look!

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Determining used horse trailer values is basically educated guesswork.

It used to be (and kind of still is) that in order to determine used horse trailer prices, we had to do our own research often at the mercy of horse trailer dealers and our own resources.

Most dealers I know are thoroughly honest and know their trailers inside and out. Their business and reputation relies upon customer satisfaction. But simply going through the process is a challenge.

If you want to get the accurate value on used trailers of any brand, you have to go to the nearest trailer dealership that sells that brand, and they write up the used horse trailer values for you, depending upon the trailer’s condition, etc.

Then, you go to the yellow pages or online and start looking up horse trailer sales and dealers, and check out the prices on comparable trailers. If the used horse trailer prices proposed by the dealer align with what your own research turns up, things are supposedly good.

Then you approach your lender. Without access to horse trailer blue book values, the banks and financers don’t now how to finance them. Usually it turns out to be some sort of “other type” of loan. We don’t really care at that point – we’ve got our supposed “value” and now we have our loan.

Horse trailer Blue Book values to become a reality

For now, educated guesses will continue to determine actual new and used horse trailer values. But there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

An organization called the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) has been formed to develop the equivalent of the “Kelly Blue Book” for horse trailers. The “book” will be called the Trailer Appraisal Guide (TAG) with the goal of bringing structure and consistency to the horse trailer market.

Don Ackerman, president of NATDA at the time of this writing, says that “By standardizing the appraisal process, we are building stronger relationships with lenders and also better understand the products we sell. Customers need to know that the value they find for their dollar in Los Angeles is the same that it is in Miami or New York if our dealers are to have credibility.”

NATDA currently offers a retail finance program for horse trailer dealers who are members of NATDA. This enables the dealers to offer buyers better rates, better down payment plans as all loans are funded directly from the bank (Blue water Finance) to the dealer.

The membership is still in the growing stages, therefore the Trailer Appraisal Guide remains a future goal. Current horse trailer dealer members include Adam trailers, Blue Ribbon trailers, CM trailers, and Merhow (makers of Equistar, Verylite and AlumaStar trailers.)

Yet as more trailer dealers learn about this organization, hopefully progress will be swift.

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