Used English Saddles

If you want to stretch your dollars and find an upper-end and well-made saddle, consider used English saddles in your shopping. It’s a cost-effective alternative to new expensive models. Savvy shoppers have long recognized the advantages of buying pre-owned saddles.

Used english saddles, dressage saddles
Used English and dressage saddles from HorseSaddleShop

We feature a great selection of used English jumping, hunter, dressage and all-purpose saddles through our partnership with Horse Saddle Shop – a customer friendly industry leader.

Each second-hand saddle is thoroughly inspected, deep cleaned, and reconditioned by their saddle experts – ready to meet your approval. Free shipping and a 2-week return policy.

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Why Purchase Used Horse Saddles?

Why settle for a lesser brand, when you can own a pre-owned Bates, a Collegiate or Pessoa? The knowledgeable consumer has an opportunity to find some genuine bargains with used saddles. A generic saddle can be inferior in both materials and construction. Good quality used English saddles present an opportunity to step up to a great brand name saddle, or perhaps even a custom handmade saddle in your price range.

Tips For Purchasing Good Used English Saddles

  • There are as many types and brands of saddles as there are breeds of horses – from used dressage saddles to used jumping saddles. For example, many riders who perform in English pleasure riding also enjoy trail riding – and they find the comfort and versatility of a used Australian saddle to be the perfect fit. Make sure to identify your riding requirements and unite your saddle to those specifications.
  • Determine the size of the seat that will work best for you. If you need help to correctly figure your seat size you can visit Horse Saddle Shop for detailed instructions on measurements.
  • Pay close attention to the type, width and angle of saddle tree to help your horse perform to his maximum potential. Comfort matters!
  • Inquire about the age and condition of any used English saddles that you’re considering for purchase. Even in the show ring, minor blemishes can be accepted as long as saddle performance isn’t compromised.
  • Don’t bust your budget with expensive shipping charges! Find a merchant that offers free shipping and use the extra cash towards your used saddle purchase.

Need Assistance Selling An English Saddle?

If you’re thinking of selling your own used saddle, you may enjoy the consignment program at Horse Saddle Shop. They can assist you in listing your saddle with great exposure.

As they put it, all they do is sell saddles, and they are the place where people go when they want to buy a saddle, new or used. They do all the “dirty work.” They fix your old saddle up, take photographs, advertise your saddle to 1000s of daily visitors. They answer all the hard questions, and when the saddle is sold they send you your money. Whoa!

Be sure to check out their complete inventory of English tack for sale while visiting!

Can’t figure Out the Correct Saddle Size?

Horse Saddle Shop has saddle measuring information on their site that can assist you in your search for a good fitting saddle. You can try their online “Saddle Expert System,” or just give them a call. You’ll receive top-notch customer service every time.

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