Sunnyside Open Horse Show 2019 – Is On!

12th Annual Sunnyside Open Horse Show

September 21-22, 2019

Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center
Williamston, NC

To new friends and exhibitors, Welcome! 
To our old friends and returning exhibitors… Hello and Welcome Back!

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It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and parent/guardians to read and understand the PDF Show Program and the PDF or Online Rule Book.

Complete Showbill with Class List, Entry Form, Show info

Class List Only (Online Version)

ASHA High Point Awards Program and KSF World Championship Show

Rule book (Online Version)

Trail Patterns:

Course 1 – Class Numbers: (1) In-Hand 2 yrs & Under; (2) In-Hand 3 yrs & Over; (3) Maiden Trail Horse; (6) Riders 17 & Under; (7) Riders 18 & Over; (9) Miniature Equine In-Handd

Course 2 – Class Numbers: (4) Novice Trail Horse; (8) Amateur To Ride

Course 3 – Class Number: (5) Open Trail Horse

Equitation / Horsemanship Patterns

Equitation Class Numbers: (166) 17 & Under; (167) 18 & Over

Horsemanship Class Numbers: (192) Riders 17 & Under; (193) Riders 18 & Over

Showmanship Patterns

Showmanship Class Numbers: (77) Miniature Equine; (78) Adult-18 Yrs. & Over; (79) Youth-13 Yrs. & Under; (80) Youth-14-17 Yrs.


  • Saturday – Trail Ring:   Lauren Maddox
  • Saturday – Main Arena:   Elizabeth O’Briant
  • Saturday – Covered Ring:   Robbie Haskins
  • Sunday – Main Arena:   Virginia Godwin
  • Sunday – Covered Ring:   Lauren Maddox

Our Announcers

  • Main Arena: Pam Barkley
  • Covered Arena: Tim Hollowell

Sunnyside Open Horse Show Schedule:

Sunnyside Open Horse Show - Class Schedule

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Sunnyside Open Horse Show in Williamston, NC

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