News and Announcements – Sunnyside Open Horse Show 2020

Please check this page for official Sunnyside Open Horse Show updates and announcements.    [Last updated 9/9/2020]


Show management is closely monitoring the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) and reported information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please refer to the information below for up-to-date info regarding the current status of the Sunnyside OPen Horse Shows.

This is a rapidly changing situation and we are committed to providing timely information regarding the Sunnyside Open Horse Show. The health and safety of all participants is of the utmost importance.

Mandatory Show Grounds Rules for the Sunnyside Open Horse Show at this time are as follows:

    1. To be able to participate at the show and for back numbers to be assigned, the following COVID-19 WAIVER must be signed and included with each person in your group, whether they are showing or not:  “COVID-19 Waiver and Release of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.”   The COVID-19 Waiver (2-page document) is available for download HERE.  Each person in your show group who will be on the premises at any time September 18, 19, 20, 2020 will download, sign, and submit the Waiver along with the entries.   If you request a mailed copy of the Sunnyside Show program or entry form, we will include the requested number of copies you need of the COVID-19 Waiver.
    2. Our “COVID-19 Suggested Guidelines” (single page) is available for download HERE.  We ask all exhibitors and participants of the Sunnyside Open Horse Show to follow these guidelines and other possible guidance that may be issued as we get closer to show time.
    3. Pre-entries: To help alleviate crowded conditions in the Show Office, pre-entries are strongly requested.
    4. As time progresses and COVID-related circumstances change, updates to Show Grounds Rules for Sunnyside Open Horse Show during the COVID-19 health crisis will be:

>> made public/alerted on our Facebook Page and this website, and
>> Available for download here at

Let’s join together and do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you all!

Update 9/9/2020   Photographer

We are pleased to welcome Kristi Totten and Horse Play Photography as our 2020 show photographer

Update 9/1/2020   Have you measured your Mini or Pony lately?

A friendly reminder, we use the honor system for entering classes designated for miniature horses (38 inches and under) and ponies (14.2 hands or under.) Always a good idea to measure our smaller equines periodically as they mature. Thanks!

Update 8/28/2020  Showmanship, English Equitation and Western Horsemanship Patterns are now posted on our download page. Please click HERE!

Reminder:  As always, entries will be accepted right up until showtime and during the show!

Please remember to send signed Covid19 Waivers for everyone in your group, along with payment or signed open check, with your entry forms. Late entries are accepted until showtime, and trailer-ins are always welcome. If you trailer in or arrive last-minute on Saturday or Sunday, please check-in at the show office upon arrival.

Pre-entry deadline was August 24, 2020.  A late entry fee of $10.00 per horse will be charged for all entries post-marked or dated  after August 24, 2020.

Update 8/18/2020
Show Farrior:  Fuller Farrior Service

Emily Fuller with Fully Farrior Service will be on the show grounds on Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm and during the day on Sunday.  Please note, service for stacks will not be available. For more info please call Emily at (252) 253-8535.

Sunnyside Stall Requests

We always do our best to honor stall requests with every entry. Due to COVID-19 we ask for your understanding during Sunnyside 2020 for the following changes in our “usual” practice. The Ag Center is allowing the use of the entire barn facilities as part of following CDC spacing incentives to help spread out and prevent close contact of exhibitors and horses.

Therefore we will be using all barns A through F as needed, and spacing and/or staggering various stalls with horses with empty stall(s) in between, in effort to achieve safe spacing and limit unnecessary interaction where owners/riders/grooms/horses from different farms or households will be stalling. We hope to create a practical, workable solution towards maintaining a 6 foot distance between animals and people and person-to-person.

So if you have certain stall or barn requests, we don’t discourage you from making them! But please understand that there’s a good chance we won’t be able to fulfill some “exacting” requests. For example, if you request stall 22 in Barn F, you may not get that. However If you have certain needs such as you want to stall with or near specific exhibitors or farms, or you need certain spacing because you have a stallion, or you have driving horses and need to stall where you can store your carriages, or have handicap accessibility needs, we will make every effort to make those and other similar situations happen. Thank you!

Non-Trotting Shoeing Requirements:

Our Non-Trotting Division is open to all gaited breeds. Come on out with your gaited horse that’s barefoot or flat shod with keg shoes. Help us bring back our Non-Trotting Division in a positive way, and let’s have some fun!

Our shoeing and device regulations for Non-Trotting exhibitors are simple: Keg shoes or barefoot. No pads or hoof bands. No devices allowed on the show grounds: no boots, collars, chains, rollers, hoof extensions, caustic substances, etc. No weights or pads stacked and inserted and then tightened with metal bands. We do not allow techniques used to accentuate the non-trotting horses’ natural, inherited gaits. Entries will not be rewarded for exaggerated gaits and may be excused from the ring. Show management retains the right to refuse any entry. Please see our 2020 Rulebook for complete Non-Trotting shoeing restrictions, regulations and credo.

Update 8/18/2020
Non-Trotting Division Rules Reminder: When riding in western tack & curb bit, riding with either one or two hands on the reins is acceptable.

We’d like to remind our non-trotting exhibitors, Sunnyside Show rules for riding in Western tack within the Non-Trotting Division allows for the use of either one hand or two hands on the reins with a curb or snaffle bit.  Otherwise we invite you to show in the manner to which you’re accustomed and according to your breed standards. 

(All other classes follow USEF Rules, therefore for non-trotting exhibitors entering Western Pleasure Division GAYP classes and Working Western Division GAYP classes are asked to use one hand only with a curb bit. )

Holiday Inn Express Williamston is our host hotel for 2020

Right Across From the Ag Center – Take Exit 512 off US HWY 64

Contact information for the Holiday Inn Express Williamston:

  • Telephone: (252) 799-0100 — 1071 Cantle Court, Williamston, North Carolina 27892

Be sure to let them know you’re showing with the Sunnyside Open Horse Show and ask for their “horse show rates.

For additional lodging information: visit Places to Stay

Update 8/18/2020 
Morgan High Score Awards:

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 issues the AMHA is not offering High Score Morgan awards for 2020. We hope to be able to offer this award in 2021! 

Show Program Mailing List

Need a hard copy of the Show Program, Rule Book, COVID-19 forms or other show forms? CLICK HERE to get it by U.S.  Mail.

Please fill out Your Entry Forms as completely as possible before mailing

One entry form per horse. Be sure to include:

  • Horse Name
  • Exhibitor Name
  • Responsible Party
  • Owner Name
  • Stall With/Trainer (if applicable)
  • Stalls (how many?)
  • Classes (at least the one(s) you know of)
  • Exhibitor Signature
  • SIGNED COVID-19 WAIVER for each person in your group (whether they are showing or not)

Also, we do not reserve camper spots/RV electric hookups – they are first come/first serve as you arrive at the check-in board.

Thanks for your help!

Show High Point Divisions

Show High Point Awards for the following divisions will be presented after the completion of each division. Points are tabulated on the horse only (not a horse/rider combination). Points follow the horse by the horse’s assigned back number, and different exhibitors may show a horse.

*Each Division will award a High Point Horse and Reserve High Point Horse*


  • Halter 2 Yrs & Under – Stock Hunter Type
  • Halter 3 Yrs & Over – Stock Hunter Type
  • Halter 2 Yrs & Under – Saddle Pleasure Type
  • Halter 3 Yrs & Over – Saddle Pleasure Type
  • Western Pleasure
  • Huntseat
  • Saddleseat
  • Field Hunter
  • Working Western
  • Dressage Suitability
  • Off The Rail
  • Pleasure Driving: Horse
  • Pleasure Driving: Pony
  • Miniature Equine
  • Non-Trotting
  • Stock/Hunter Type Horse
  • Saddle Pleasure Type Horse

The following Overall Show High Point Awards will be announced at the conclusion of each show:

  • Overall High Point Horse
  • Reserve Overall High Point Horse

Please see the Rule Book for complete Class and Division description, cross entry rule and regs.

Approved Open Show Host

Sunnyside Open Horse Show is an approved Open Show Host for the following organizations:

  • Paint Alternative Competition Program (PAC)
  • American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) High Score Morgan:  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 issues the AMHA is not offering High Score Morgan awards for 2020. We hope to be able to offer this award in 2021!
  • Appaloosa All-Breed Activities Program (ACAAP)
  • Arabian Horse Association Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP)
  • Pinto Horse Association SOAR Program and PtHAC Open Show Points

*See Sunnyside Rule Book for important details!

Congratulations to our2019 Sunnyside Show and Division High Point Award winners!

Check out our “candid” photo memories of Sunnyside Open 2019!

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