Shavings and Stalls – Sunnyside Open Horse Show


The show is required to follow the Ag Center policy for shavings where shavings from any outside sources is not allowed, and a minimum of 2 bags of shavings per stall is required.

  • Shavings price is: $7.00 per bag
  • All shavings used by exhibitors must be purchased through the horse show (the show is required to purchase all shavings from the Ag Center.)
  • No outside Vendors of shavings are allowed.
  • No personal shavings are allowed to be brought in to the show grounds.
  • A minimum of two bags of shavings are required per stall (horse and tack). Therefore, 2 bags of shavings will be pre-delivered automatically to each stall. The cost is included in the stall fee.

This is in accordance with the Ag Center contract and is in effect throughout the entire show timeframe.

If you need additional shavings:

All additional shavings orders – whether pre-ordered before the show or ordered during the show – will be will be processed through the show office and payable to East Coast Equine Inc. as follows:

Pre-orders:  Make all pre-orders of additional shavings (over and above the two mandatory bags of shavings per stall) on the Entry Form, on the line marked “Additional Shavings.”

At the Show:  To order additional shavings during the show (over and above the 2 mandatory bags/stall) as follows:

  • Friday – Shavings may be ordered through the Barn Manager (located at the stall chart) from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. -or-  through the Show Office during office hours (2:30 – 9:00 p.m.)
  • Saturday – Shavings may be ordered through the Show Office during office hours.
  • Sunday – Shavings may be ordered through the Show Office during office hours.


All stalls rented have 2 bags of shavings pre-delivered – When you arrive at the show, the 2 bags will be in your stall.

Tack stalls will be rented in the exact same manner – they will include 2 mandatory bags of shavings. These shavings may be used at your discretion (in your horse stalls or taken home) therefore please consider them in your calculations for your total shavings requirements.

  • Stall Fees: $85 for all weekend (includes 2 mandatory, pre-delivered bags of shavings)
  • Additional (optional) Shavings: $7.00 per bag

Stalling Together:  Parties wishing to stall together are encouraged to mail their entries in the same envelope and indicate on the entry form who they wish to be stalled with. We will make every attempt to accommodate all group stalling requests, but cannot guarantee stalls together if entries come in separate envelopes.


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