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Looking for saddle fitting services in your area? Check out our Saddle Fitters Directory below. Find English and western saddle fitters near you and get the best fit possible for your horse.

English Saddle fitting services         Saddle fitting evaluations for western riding

With continuing inquiries for local saddle fitting services, we are pleased to feature listings for (alphabetically): Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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Cate & Theresa – Maryland Certified Saddle Fitters
New Market Turner Rd
Mechanicsville, Maryland
(301) 848-0506

To The Point Saddle Fit, LLC
Annapolis, MD
(908) 864-3659

County Saddlery
16105 Frederick Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797
(877) 414-6773

Gina Perilla, Ceritifed Master Saddel Fitter


M & M Tack Shop
615 Germantown Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 851-0102

The Tack Shack
247 Hadnot Creek Rd
Swansboro, NC 28584
On Facebook @ thetackshacknc: The Tack Shack

Rocking B Saddle Shop
1400 Ben Johnston Rd
Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 732-7453

Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting
Southern Pines, North Carolina
(910) 489-8031

Mebane Equestrian, LLC / Mebane Saddlery
Hurdle Mills, NC
(336) 264-6660

Double Diamond Equine
Southern Pines / Pinehurst, NC
(336) 267-0276

Saddle Fitting US LLC & Amanda Anderson
Southern Pines, North Carolina
(813) 486-2253

Southeast Saddle Fit
253 James Road
Murphy, NC 28906
(828) 361-3343


Aiken Saddle Fitting Services
Aiken, SC
(561) 603-5580

Brittany Bird Saddle Fitting
705 State Rd S-28-132
Camden, SC 29020
(404) 403-2692

SaddleGuy LLC
Mike Scott
809 Kirkwood Circle
Camden, SC 29020
(803) 422-5894

Patty Merli Saddles
Aiken, SC


Harmony Equine Clinic
1214 North Poes Rd
Flint Hill, VA 22627
(540) 229-1855

JSB Tack Solutions, LLC
Chesterfield County, VA 23234
On FaceBook @ JSB Tack Solutions LLC
(774) 249-3916

Saddle Fitting US LLC & Amanda Anderson
Southern Pines, North Carolina
(serving VA, NC, MD, PA, and DC)
(813) 486-2253

The Saddle Fitter, Inc.
3895 Gilbert Station Rd
Barboursville, VA 22923
(434) 227-4395

What Can a Good Saddle Fitter Do for You?

We’ve all tried to use one saddle on more than one horse. Sometimes this works out fine, but many times it’s the horse that suffers the consequences. And what if your horse has a really hard-to-fit physique? Getting the right fit IS possible — but sometimes an expert’s help is needed. Here are just a few of the issues a good saddle fitting service can help you resolve!

Types of saddles for different disciplines, from western saddles or hunter-jumper saddles to dressage saddles and youth saddles, all have their own balance, pressure and weight-bearing considerations.

Get the right saddle fit for both horse and rider

Drafts, warmbloods, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Haflingers, gaited horses and mules are just a few examples of very different equine conformations. Even the variations within a breed or type are remarkable.

Saddle Fitting Services Evaluate the Shape of your Horse

Your saddle fitter begins by measuring the horse to determine the appropriate angle of the bars and the width of the gullet of the saddle tree. They will consider the width of the horse’s back, how the girth or cinch should fall and be positioned, and the horse’s shape along the length of the spine.

You might have a horse with a wide build, where every saddle you try seems to sit too high on its back. Or the saddle may be a great fit for the horse, but it presents discomfort for the rider.

A horse with a more refined build or one with a prominent, narrow wither has its own set of saddle fitting demands. You want to have good contact with the horse, but you don’t want a tree that with an angle so narrow it hinders the horse’s movement and even its muscle development.

You might also find by studying your horse’s three-dimensional back shape, the horse has an uneven top line, an asymmetrical build. Corrective saddle fitting can often help develop a horse’s symmetry.

What if your professionally-fitted saddle doesn’t seem to fit your horse as well today as it did five years ago? This happens due to a horse’s changing conformation over time, as muscles develop or become underused, as well as the result of the aging process.

Saddle Fitting Tools for DIY

Saddle Fitting Tool

Click to view Saddle Fitting Tool from Horse Saddle Shop

This handy saddle fitting tool from Horse Saddle Shop is a big help in getting a true measurement of your horse. They’ve kept the price low (About $10) because they want you to have a saddle that fits. It really is a winner when you buy or order saddles online.

Horse Saddle Shop offers a wealth of info about fitting a western saddle properly via pictures, online chat, and downloadable guides.

Helpful Saddle Fitting Videos

Our directory of East Coast saddle fitting services will continue to grow. To list your saddle fitting business, please get in touch!