Reining Training Video – Training for Sliding Stop and Clean Rundown

In this reining training video NRHA Professional, Scott McCutcheon demonstrates different techniques that will allow your horse to perform a rundown while staying honest, listening to you and your commands. This allows you and your horse to perform a clean precise rundown and give you a correct slide.



Reining Training – Get Your Horse to Listen to You

The trainer begins by showing us a few things he does to keep the horse quiet and not thinking about running off to his stop. Scott wants to simulate the same conditions in practice as will occur in competition. At the lope coming around the corner into the straight away, you want to sit back. If the horse does speed up in anticipation, Scott stops and rolls the horse back easy, and lopes him off in the other direction. Then he’ll sit back, and if the horse wants to take off down the straight again, he’ll stop and roll back the other way.

He does this until he can lope around the end into the straight, then sit back and even kick his legs and shake his hands, and the horse remains quiet.

Scott McCutcheon says, “I always want the horse to go my speed.” He makes sure that the horse is listening to him always. He wants the horse to come around the end thinking about him, the trainer. Not the stop. Then he’ll get an honest rundown where he can drive him all the way to a correct sliding stop.

For 35 years, reining industry professional Scott McCutcheon has trained and ridden champion reining horses in NRHA, AQHA and APHA competitions across the United States. In 2002, Scott was an integral part of the outstanding USET reining team performing in the World Equestrian Games in Spain, bringing home the distinguished WEG Reining Gold Medal.