Olathe Boots for Sale – Olathe Tall Top, Rough Stock, Buckaroo, Polo

Olathe Boots for Sale - roughstock lineGet a classic pair of Olathe boots for sale at a great price. Whether you’re riding bulls, working cattle or just want to go dancin’, it’s all about Olathe boots. The company has been hand-crafting these quality western boots for over 140 years.

Besides their handsome, beautifully stitched designs, they hold up great. They’re made for people who ride a lot and ride hard. It’s a fact that after years of mud, dirt, manure and grind, as the soles start to wear most owners just aren’t ready to part with their Olathes. Instead they will resole and reheel their boots because they just get better with wear. You’ll want to hang on to yours too.

You might say one thing about Olathe boots is they’re a little pricy. Spending upwards of $100-$200 may seem so.  But you get what you pay for. Olathe cowboy boots are well built and structurally sound. When you wear boots a lot in the roping pen, on the ranch and everything in between, you have to spend money on boots that last. Olathe cowboy boots are the best out there.

Bring On your Style with Olathe Boots for Sale

Everyone has different tastes, which is why Olathe boot factory offers their famous go-to styles to choose from:

  • Olathe Roughstock Boots – Elegantly designed
  • Cowboy Collection – The classic cowboy boot
  • Packer – Handsome, rugged laced boots
  • Olathe Tall Top Boots – Western boots just don’t get any finer
  • Polo boots – A blend of western style and polo boot. Men’s and women’s styles.
  • Classic Olathe boots for women and kids

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What Else to Know About Olathe Boots Olathe women's boots for sale

Through enterprise and craftsmanship, what began in 1875 as a homespun boot shop in Olathe, Kansas has become one of the oldest and most revered boot makers in the USA. Now the manufacturing occurs in Texas. Olathe Boot Company does not sell direct but through authorized Olathe boots retailers.

You want to make sure that you buy only the American Made Olathe Boots. These boots are for people who really ride, crafted with very high quality leather. The type of leather affects how a boot fits, as some leathers stretch and conform to the foot with more ease and give than others.

Various leathers used to craft Olathe cowboy boots and riding boots include retan and rough-out retan, pigskin, glove tan, kipskin, sharkskin, alligator, ostrich, goatskin, and calfskin among others. The all-leather materials let the foot breathe and allow the boot to conform to the foot with daily wear.

One more thing about Olathe boots for sale:

Your boots say a lot about you. What are the best cowboy boots for men, women, and kids? That is certainly a personal choice. But as Olathe Boot Co. says, their riding and western boots have been worn by “cowboys, outlaws and presidents” throughout history.  Olathe’s amazing story is still going strong. Try a pair.

Get Olathe cowboy boots at best prices!

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