Mini Horse Trailers – Smaller but Better!

Mini horse trailers are designed specifically for miniature equinesMini horse trailers are more than just a scaled down version of a horse trailer. They are specifically designed to provide the suspension and weight for the proper towing of minis. So what should you look for?

The standard horse trailer is built to tow or pull two horses at around 1200 lbs each. This suspension is simply too hard for miniatures, especially for long trips.

Take away the height and weight that the big horses need, and you have the horse trailer for minis that pulls like a dream and keeps your little guys comfortable and safe. Plus, many trailers designed for miniatures will have windows at the right height for minis to see out.

Here’s what good mini horse trailers feature:

Many dealers can customize miniature horse trailers to accommodate your specific needs. Mini horse haulers can be built to order to safely include transporting of driving carts, jumps, the spare tire, and other equipment.

Most miniature horse trailers seem to be single axle – the downside of course is that if you lose a tire, you’re in trouble. But you can find double axle mini horse trailers which are much more suitable for the longer length trailers. Most mini owners who do a lot of transporting prefer a double axle trailer that is tall enough for the humans to stand up in and maneuver.

There are some mini trailers that are “boxes” that fit right in your truck bed. These have pull-out ramps for the minis to load and unload by—just make sure the ramp is plenty sturdy.

Now, here’s a look at some pretty ingenious miniature horse trailers that look just like camper shells. The outfit is called Miniature Horse Trailers By Bob. (Unfortunately for us East Coast horse folks, they’re in California!)

Some miniature horse trailers are also perfect for Shetland ponies and other small equines. Plus, if you purchase your trailer from a distributor who builds their horse trailers from the ground up, you’ll get interiors that are created and installed in-house—which usually means better quality all the way.

Here are places we’ve found that offer mini horse haulers or trailer conversions:

Blue Blazes Miniature Horses
4535 Emanual Rd.
Mount Pleasant, NC  28124
Aluminum Trailer Conversions
Shetron Custom Trailers
900 Airport Road
Salisbury, NC 28147
Phone: 704-305-8268
Fax: 704 638-6281
Gore Trailers
305 Gore Trailer Road
Whiteville, NC 28472
Toll free: (800) 334-3488
Dealer and Manufacturer
Let us custom build your mini trailer
(Also custom Llama and Alpaca trailers)
Trailers of the East Coast
360 Blaise Church Rd
Mocksville, NC 27028
Toll free: (800) 284-2377
L.B.’s Trailer Sales
2904 Harmony Hwy
Harmony, NC 28634
(704) 546-2231

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