Martin Saddlery – Where Can I Find Martin Saddles?

We often get asked about custom saddles (and have asked our own share of questions as well!)
Martin Saddlery - Working Cowhorse Saddle
Because these days, quality brands that are manufactured en masse are actually great quality for the price.

Is there that much difference in a custom, handmade saddle and factory made?

If you’d like something “custom” but don’t have the money, time – or custom saddle makers aren’t nearby to make it happen – check out western saddles by Martin. They might just be the win-win you’re looking for.

Put a Martin on your saddle rack:

  • Sherry Cervi Crown C Barrel Racer
  • FX3 Barrel Racing Saddle
  • Working Cowhorse Saddle
  • Performance Saddle
  • Ranch Cutter Saddle
  • Mounted Shooting Saddle
  • Wade Saddle
  • Team Roper Saddle
  • Ricky Green Team Roper
  • High Plains All Around Saddle
We’re excited to offer Martin Saddles most popular models and options through their official dealer, Horse Saddle Shop. Take a look!

Martin's AXIS Saddle Tree

Martin saddles are meant to be customized from the ground up - and made with an AXIS true fit saddle tree crafted for today's performance horse.Martin Saddles - XT Team Roper

Martin Saddlery manufactures their own trees to ensure top quality and eliminate age-old pressure points. The AXIS tree promotes lateral flexion and a natural range of motion. Bar design disburses weight through full, even contact with your horse’s back for the length of the bar. Flared edges on the bar tips give a range of motion the horse needs without interference.

The tree is designed to give and correspond to the contours of a horses back, and adapt with the horse’s movement through the shoulder and loin. Great attention has been made to accommodate the hard stops, turns and coordinated movements of the competitive and hard-working western horse.

Patented Adjustable Rigging

Martin Saddle - Barrel RacingMartin saddles can now be ordered with an in-skirt Adjustable Rigging™.
There are 4 settings to allow for your horse’s confirmation, from 7/8 to full forward. You are able to move the adjustable rigging into the position that best aligns your cinch and latigo straight up and down to the horse’s heart girth.

Whether you run barrels, mend fences, herd or cut cattle, rope or trail ride, Martin makes every effort to improve your horse’s comfort under saddle and give you a secure and balanced ride.


  • Saddle rolls
  • Shortened stride
  • Back pain
  • Saddle won’t stay put
  • Sores from pressure points

Martin Saddlery - Custom Western Tack

Martin saddles are used and endorsed by champion reiners, team ropers, headers, steer wrestlers, barrel racers, cutters and mounted shooters. They are the preference of thousands of ranchers and pleasure riders.

Martin offers custom design through dealer stores! Your choices include:

  • Tree
  • Size
  • Tooling
  • Conchos
  • Rigging
  • Seat type

Martin Saddles are made to be high performance sport gear. Take a look; your Martin will become an investment that you will have and use for the rest of your life.