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Kincade Saddles for SaleKincade saddles are known for being well-made and budget friendly. Based on Kincade’s model of affordability and versatility, the brand offers adult English and dressage saddles, children’s English saddles, and Kincade’s famous Redi-Ride children’s pony saddles and Redi-Ride children’s western saddles.

Without compromising quality, Kincade saddles are ideal for everyday riding and competing. They’re a good way to save money on that first saddle when a new rider may not “stick with it” — and if the rider does love the sport, then they’re set for a long time. They also make great lesson saddles for lesson barns.

The average equestrian does not need the very high-end, expensive ($2000 and up) English saddle, and certainly not to start out with. What they do need is a safe, comfortable saddle that fits.

Many think of Kincades as starter saddles, yet today’s Kincade saddles fit well, are durable and quite worthy of “primary” status. We are talking about a range of saddle prices from about $150 to under $600!

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Individual Kincade Saddles for Sale

Leather All Purpose English Saddles

Kincade All Purpose English Saddle
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Kincade’s popular all-purpose saddle features a secure, functional design. It is a great choice for beginner and novice riders who are still learning the sport and may want to venture into different English disciplines with one saddle. It is also a big favorite of intermediate and accomplished equestrians because it is so affordable.

The deep comfortable seat helps position you correctly, with padded AirFlo flaps and just enough knee rolls for additional support and comfort.

Kincade Saddlery:   All-Purpose English Saddles:  See Details

Kincade Synthetic All Purpose English Saddles

Kincade Synthetic All Purpose Saddle
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A great saddle for the price, the Kincade All Purpose synthetic saddle helps you maintain a correct, forward position in comfort. The saddle is balanced with a deep seat and removable knee blocks.

These lightweight saddles are favorites because they generally fit both horse and rider extremely well, and are durable to boot. You’ll be surprised with the comfort and quality of this saddle. Your horse will love it too.

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Kincade Leather Dressage Saddle

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You cannot beat the price for the quality of this classic dressage saddle by Kincade. It is made of rich, full-grain leather with a deep, supportive seat.

The knee rolls are full and the saddle has a high cantle to help you deepen your seat for a longer leg and a correct dressage position. Nice and lightweight at about 10 pounds.

View dressage saddles for sale from Kincade.

Kincade Leather Close Contact Saddle (Adult)

Kincade Leather Close Contact Saddles
See Details: Kincade Leather Close Contact Saddles

Looking for a low-cost, high-quality English jumping saddle? Kincade’s close contact saddle is the perfect choice for over fences, hunt seat, stadium or show jumping, and fox hunting.

The medium deep seat is complemented by forward cut padded flaps with soft, concealed knee rolls. The traditional square cantle is low cut and the pommel is low, to aid jumping positions. The saddle is built on a flexible fiber tree.

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Kincade Leather Close Contact Saddle (Child)

Kincade Child's Close Contact Saddle
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A smaller twin of the Kincade adult close contact saddles, the youth Kincade close contact is ideal for beginners for flat work or over fences. A great lesson saddle or the perfect choice for the show ring.

View Kincade child’s close contact saddles.

Kincade Redi-Ride Child’s Pony Saddle

Kincade Redi-Ride Child's Pony Saddle
See Details: Kincade Redi-Ride Child’s Pony Saddle

Everyone’s favorite! Children’s pony saddles by Kincade are ideal for starting young riders. Built with a wide tree for a great fit for most ponies, it is a comfortable, durable synthetic saddle that is very light in weight. The size 14” seat fits most youth riders from about 10 years old to small adult.  See our Youth Saddle Seat Size Chart.

There’s a handy grab strap that comes on each saddle for a bit of extra security. The seat and knee rolls are soft fabric, and the entire saddle cleans up with a damp cloth.

View Redi-Ride child’s pony saddle by Kincade.

Kincade Redi-Ride Child’s Western Saddle

Kincade Redi-Ride Child's Western Saddle
Check out the Kincade Redi-Ride Child’s Western Saddle

The front-runner of kid’s western starter saddles! Made entirely of synthetic material, the Kincade western youth saddle is a perfect beginner saddle for your young cowboy or cowgirl. It is designed with semi-quarter bars, a square, fleece-lined skirt, standard 7/8 position rigging, and with girth included.

Just right for both arena and trail riding, the seat is balanced to help the child assume and maintain a proper position.

View Redi-Ride child’s Western saddle from Kincade.

Who Makes Kincade Saddles?

The Kincade brand has undergone various changes over the years. Back in the day, Miller Harness Company sold several saddle brand names such as Crosby, Collegiate, Pessoa and many others, including Kincade.

In 1975 Miller Harness was sold to a (non-equestrian) company, which later sold the rights to the Miller products and brands to another distributor of equestrian products. Miller eventually became part of Dover Saddlery, and many saddle brands ended up in the hands of different companies.

Weatherbeeta now markets Kincade saddlery. Renowned for their original inventory of horse blankets, the Weatherbeeta company offers a great range of high-quality saddles, tack, and accessories.

Make Your Riding Affordable with Kincade Saddles for Sale!

While Kincade saddles make very good entry level saddles, they consistently receive accolades from advanced equestrians because of their amazing durability, comfort, and fit. Overall, they’re a heck of a deal.