How to Use Polo Wrap or Standing Wrap

Like many people, you many not be sure how to use polo wrap correctly, or when leg wrapping is called for. This video offers a real clear guide to the proper way to safely wrap your horse’s legs with polo or standing wraps for protection and support.

Our polo wrapping video is presented by the Certified Horsemanship Association, narrated by Teresa Kackert.

To begin we start with the traditional standing bandage. The standing bandage can provide additional light support if you horse has done some hard work and tends to get a little stocked up, especially in the hind legs.

The standing bandages also can act as a protection against the horse becoming agitated or placed in circumstances in which the horse might be likely to nick a tendon or cannon bone. Sometimes people use the standing bandage when shipping and hauling their horses. Teresa also explains how to use polo wrap, and it’s use only while your horse is being ridden.

The video clearly shows the proper placement, pressure and application of both standing and polo wraps. Also you’ll see how to roll them back up so they’re ready to go again.

Expert: Teresa Kackert

Bio: Our polo wrapping video is presented by the Certified Horsemanship Association, narrated by Teresa Kackert. Find out more about the Certified Horsemanship Association at