Horse Trailer Monitoring System – What’s the Best Trailer Camera?

“I never wonder how my horses are traveling…” said no one ever. Finally, there’s a horse trailer monitoring system to fit your rig and budget!

A horse trailer monitoring system helps keep your eyes on precious cargo!

What’s the best trailer camera for you?

Compare the 4 top-rated trailer cams on the market today!

The following information and videos discuss the best wireless trailer cameras and brands. Each has its own unique qualities and specs. They’ll all get the job done, so check them out to see what fits your horse towing needs and budget.

Hyndsight Journey Kit

Hyndsight portable, wireless horse trailer cameras. No installation is needed. No power source is required. Easy to mount and easy to use wherever you need it. Attach to your trailer during transport to keep a close eye on your horses while towing.

Eliminate blind spots, back up with ease and prevent collisions. You can also use portable Hyndsight vision systems to observe horses in the barn, monitor during foaling and watch horses at pasture.

Hyndsight Vision Systems video:

Because of its portability, Hyndsight’s horse trailer monitoring system is actually marketed for much more than horse transport. It is highly popular for monitoring boating and water skiing. It is used in agriculture to keep a constant visual check of grain bin levels (no climbing down to check load fill) or hay bailers, augers, etc., crop dusting, as well as monitoring livestock pens, livestock transport, and (of course!) watching the children.

That’s pretty portable!

Trailer Eyes TE-0115 Digital Trailer Monitor

Trailer Eyes horse trailer camera / barn camera. Quad view split screen and camera recording. This monitor has a split screen display of two or four sections when you want to see what each camera shows. Watch all at the same time or zoom into each specific camera view. You can also hear the sounds from each camera.

TrailerEyes TE 0115 Video

TrailerEyes TE-0115 horse trailer monitoring system advertises a 5-minute Do-It-Yourself set up with no tools needed. The range of wireless connections is up to 450 feet. It is recommended for use in horse trailers up to 40 feet long. The unit can be powered by a 9-volt battery, 12 volt DC, 110/240 volt AC or an emergency jump start battery pack. It has infrared night vision and HD resolution.

Trailer Eyes WiFi HD Trailer and Barn Cam

TrailerEyes WiFi horse trailer camera. This is a ceiling-mount camera that provides a 360 view. It feeds the image of your horses from within the trailer to your smartphone or tablet in the truck. You do not need a router. This trailer camera is a much lower priced system and is recommended for use with trailers less than 30 feet in length. What is handy is that it functions when you don’t have cell phone service. It also will not eat up your data package. AND you can keep talking on and answering your phone while the camera is in use.

TrailerEyes WiFi Trailer Cam Video

The TrailerEyes WiFi cam is can be used indoors and outdoors, and there is intercom ability but you need to buy the mic and speaker separately. Lots of other features too, as it can be used as a barn camera. Whether used inside the trailer or at the barn, it transmits images to your smartphone or tablet within a 150-foot range.

Tadibrothers Wireless Horse Trailer Backup Camera Systems

Tadibrothers horse trailer monitoring system comes with 7 or 9 inch LCD split screen monitors. You have a choice of single or dual lens night vision. In addition to installing the cameras inside the horse trailer, you can mount them on the rear and sides for hind views and also to serve as backup cameras. The camera has a 120-degree visible angle, it’s waterproof and shockproof.  

Tadibrothers Wireless Trailer Camera video

The system comes with a cigarette adapter, but any 12-volt power source will work. The unit has a 50-foot range able to pass through truck and trailer. You can make this monitoring system completely “wireless” and portable by using a C clamp to securely fasten the camera (rather than bolting it down) and then powering the unit with their battery packs.

With a horse trailer monitoring system, you’ll know as you go, at a glance.

A wireless trailer camera will tell you something’s not right before a disaster plays out. In the best times, it lets you know things are ok.

Your horses may be experienced travelers, but at some time or another, something is going to happen to upset or bother them. A trailer camera won’t stop that “something” from happening, but it can let you know when trouble’s brewing so you can safely pull over and take action.

Things can go from good to bad quickly. Horses can get tangled in a hay net or a shoe snagged on a floor mat. Some horses want to throw their heads up or pull back. A flat tire can scare them. Simply fidgeting with the next horse can cause enough ruckus for a horse to get in a bind.

A word about “wireless” cameras

What is a wireless monitoring system? It’s a unit that does not require video cables running from the back of your rig to the front. But, the camera and monitor still have to be hardwired into a power supply. Often the power source is the cigarette lighter/adapter or a battery. Any power supply will do, according to each system’s specs.

Trailer cams can play a big role in trailer safety. Some horse trailer monitoring systems also serve a multitude of uses in the barn, paddock, riding ring, pasture, wash pit and other locations.

Always remember, the safe way to monitor horses while traveling is with a buddy. The driver should have eyes on the road, not the monitor; let a passenger help keep an eye on the horses’ activities in the trailer!

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