Gaited Horse Saddles

Like the horse itself, gaited horse saddles are a breed apart from the rest. The saddles shown here are built specifically for smooth gaited horse breeds that travel with a four-beat footfall rather than a two-beat stride.

These saddles are the finest available for the Tennessee Walking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Missouri Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Rocky Mountain Horses, and other gaited breeds. The top gaited horse saddles are made by none other than Circle Y, Crates, Tucker, Big Horn, Tex Tan and Dakota.

And because these saddle makers know horse breeds, they’re the top choices the world over. Their saddles are sold only through authorized dealers, and we’re proud to offer them here through Horse Saddle Shop.

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Built for horsemen and women who spend long hours on the trail, in the show ring, at versatility competitions, in training and on the ranch, gaited saddles are made to fit specific breeds for the unique way each individual horse moves. The difference in the results is amazing.

About Gaited Horse Saddles

Tucker Black Mountain Gaited Horse Saddles
Tucker Gaited Horse Saddles – click here!

With each footstep independent from the rest, the back and shoulders of gaited horses perform with more action, more motion than a two-beat horse. Without a proper saddle fit, your horse’s movement is restricted and your horse is uncomfortable. The result? The horse adjusts or drops his gait to “get away from” discomfort.

Gaited horse saddles prevent this from happening, and even enhance your horse’s natural movement. They’re made to allow the horse the freedom of movement and comfort he needs, while strengthening the balance and seat of the rider.

The trees are not just widened in the gullet. The bars and twist must be specially angled. Each gaited saddle should be designed to allow complete natural movement, never pinching the withers or interfering with the natural nod.

Gaited horse saddles ensure shorter, rounded skirts for no gait interference, and multiple rigging options allow unrestrained shoulder movement.

Before you make any purchase for your gaited horse, make sure you get the best fit.

big horn tennessee walking horse saddle
Big Horn Walking Horse Saddle – Click for details

A gaited horse saddle with a quarter horse tree that only has the gullet altered won’t do it. Think of the load bearing area on the horse’s back. When the saddle tree is a poor fit for the breed, the pounds of pressure per square inch on the back of the horse multiplies. Five pounds of pressure from a 160 lb rider turns into 20 to 40 pounds of pressure! Improper fits are all too easily hidden by the saddle skirt.

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