Farm Life Stables

A Carolina Horse Farm with a Great, Big Heart

For a unique and refreshing perspective on horsemanship and horse ownership, visit Farm Life Stables, located in the quaint farming community known as “Farm Life.” Just a few miles outside of Williamston, N.C., this 23 acre horse farm welcomes all breeds of horses and riders of every level and discipline.

Farm Life Stable was established by the Butler family, and is defined by a much different mission statement than most. The farm has been a labor of love for farm manager Jamie Butler, her husband Garland, and their three daughters Brooke, Lynnsie and Madi. Also invaluable in the formation of the farm are Garland’s parents, Rhea and Sue.

Opening Doors

Farm Life Stables was not created as a business enterprise driven by profit, but exists primarily for the enjoyment of the Butler family and others whose lives revolve around horses, family, and community. The farm radiates a warm, relaxing environment and is a popular hangout for horse lovers. It’s a place to live and breathe horses, and develop as an equestrian.

During our recent visit to Farm Life Stables, we immediately understood that one of their main goals is to provide equine enthusiasts (and hopefuls) with an enjoyable horse experience no matter what their income level or riding level might be.

Also apparent and equally important, this farm aims to introduce newcomers to horses and the horse show world, in a low stress way and relaxed environment. By making their farm and facilities available to others, they not only help existing equestrians and horse owners in their equine endeavors, they also open doors to beginners and those who otherwise do not have access to horses, riding facilities or instructions.

A Team with Vision

Farm owner/manager Jamie Butler and trainer Megan Adams share a vision of community spirit. They have teamed up to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration and synergy by working with other stables and instructors, and by sharing their facility with other farms and trainers.

Farm Life Stables also attends and supports functions throughout North Carolina’s East Coast horse community, including shows, clinics, 4-H activities and trail rides.

The facility currently offers:

  • 18 stall horse barn
  • lighted 70 x 200 indoor riding ring
  • lighted 150 x 300 outdoor riding ring
  • round pen
  • acres of pasture for turnout

But these are the physical features. As we learned from our conversations with Jamie and Megan, even more important is the farm’s atmosphere of comfort and encouragement.

Farm Owner/Manager Jamie Butler

Jaimie, who has a deep background in horses, believes in making horses more accessible to people. “I want every kid, no matter what their background, whatever their income, to feel like they belong,” she explains. “Horse farms in our area can work together. We all have something to offer, that another farm might not have. It’s a community effort.”

The farm also provides opportunities for kids and adults to learn about horses. In one such case, Farm Life Stables offered their farm for the weekend to Boy Scouts working towards earning their horsemanship badges.

“Each scout was paired with a horse for the weekend. By the end of the two-day camp, those kids learned a lot!” Jamie recalls. “They could each discuss three horse illnesses and label five parts of a horse’s body. Each boy could halter, lead, bridle and saddle his horse, mount, walk and dismount, feed the horse, turn the horse out to pasture and clean the stalls.”

Meet Head Trainer Megan Adams

Farm Life Stables’ head trainer, Megan Adams, has a background strong in classical dressage and jumping. She is an honor graduate of the Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center and holds a Riding Master VI Certificate. Additionally, Megan is a Level II certified riding instructor, a certified trainer through 2nd level, and a certified equine message therapist.

Megan has spent a lifetime around horses. Her training and instruction philosophy is rooted in the belief that a horse and rider need to have the proper foundation of basic movements to build upon for all future training. Megan feels strongly that these building blocks should be taught in a patient and unhurried manner.

“I work with students and horses from the basis of getting the horse to come into the bridle,” Megan tells us. “Never pulling from the front but pushing from the back. That way, you have a horse that is balanced and straight. We do both ground work and riding work, building the steps to reach each goal. You can’t rush it. It doesn’t work that way. This training is the foundation for any riding discipline.”

She also teaches her students to understand the concepts and mechanics of what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Once Megan has developed the proper underpinning, she then strives to put the horse and rider together as a true team, in every sense of the word.

“Each student is going to learn or develop at his or her own pace,” explains Megan. “A successful trainer has to be able to adapt to the student and figure out what each student needs.”

Megan accomplishes these goals by keeping things relaxed and as stress free as possible for both horse and rider. She firmly feels that equestrian pursuits should be an enjoyable process for all involved. Megan can help riders and horses of any breed and any discipline benefit from having a good knowledge base.

Horse Farm Focused on Community Outreach

Community involvement is important here. The Butlers and Megan share a desire to work in conjunction with other farms to advance common goals and unique programs. Farm Life Stables welcomes and encourages dialog with other horse farms, facilities, and groups that are mutually beneficial, not only for the farms, but for the horse community in general.

For example, individual horse owners at large, along with patrons of other horse facilities, know they can arrange to use the indoor arena at Farm Life Stables when they need a dry place to ride or school their horses in times of bad weather.

You may also arrange to trailer in and retain the services of head trainer Megan Adams, or have riding lesson with one of the farm instructors: Brooke Butler, Lynnsie Butler, or Madi Butler. Still another option is to bring along your own trainer or instructor, if that is your preference.

Farm Life Stables Open Horse Shows

Farm Life Stables hosts multiple horse shows throughout the year. These are schooling shows for all levels of riders and mounts, with an emphasis on fun and learning. Open to the public, these shows provide a low stress way for novice exhibitors and novice horses to participate and learn.

“This is all about where you want to be in life. And you can’t decide until you try!” says Jamie. “Most exhibitors will try English classes, Western classes, maybe some cross rails or a gaming class – the kids can experiment all day. They’re learning.”

Formal show attire is not required. You don’t need to buy the coat or chaps in order to show. Exhibitors are simply asked to dress neatly and safely.

Farm Life Stables schooling shows are “pocket book friendly” by offering an all-day fee for showing. The class lists offer something for everyone, from PeeWee and Assisted Rider divisions, to Adult divisions and Gaming classes. Judges are encouraged to give feedback to riders and offer ideas for improvement.

Check out their community calendar for their show dates!

View horse show photos from Farm Life Stables May 2017 Schooling Show

Horse Boarding, Training, & Riding Lessons in Eastern NC

The Butlers and Megan offer a wide variety of services to the public. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Riding Lessons (with seven different lesson horses, they offer multiple options for different level riders, and students get to experience different horses)
  • Clinics for different skill levels
  • Open Horse Shows
  • Birthday Parties
  • Coming Soon! Summer Camps – possibly short term and extended

Layover Stalls & Temporary Stabling

Farm Life Stables serves as a stabling option for hurricane displaced horses along with onsite horse-sitting services. They provide temporary stabling and care for horses whose owners are on vacation, or in situations when owners must be absent.

  • Stopovers / Layovers for traveling horses
  • Temporary Stalling Situations
  • Hurricane Displaced Horses
  • Temporary Stalling for horses showing at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center

For a life lived with horses, check out Farm Life Stables!

Get in touch with some great folks who have a refreshing attitude to helping people discover the magic of horses!

Visit their official website:

Farm Life Stables

4812 Fire Department Road
Williamston, NC  27892
Phone:  252-799-6046

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