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With so many great stables, riding instructors and breeders on the East Coast, finding the right horse farm and business near you should be a snap. But sometimes it’s not that simple. And marketing is never easy.

So, if your life revolves around equestrian activities, our directory can help you find the right equine service – and – advertise your horse farm or business.

Check out listings of services in your region. Pages for states and regions are being added daily as the directory grows.

This Is Your Farm and Business Network. Don’t Miss Out!

East Coast horse owners and enthusiasts enjoy a great choice of farms, stables and equestrian events year-round.

East Coast carriage driving events - Pick Your Route!Our “neck of the woods” rivals any other U.S. region! You can find horse and pony breeders, mule farms, boarding barns and trainers. Farms that give horse riding lessons and offer horse camps are family favorites.

Locate overnight layover barns, farms that offer quarantine facilities, and farms that specialize in horse sales. Know where to find racing barns and tracks, or to enjoy carriage driving or combined driving events. Honestly, some of the finest horse show arenas and facilities in the U.S.A. exist in our East Coast states.

What’s more, we personally explore many of these wonderful farms and businesses. This allows us to provide their information to you, first-hand. These farms and stables become part of our Featured Horse Farms.

Find Equine Services and Retail in Your Area

In addition, equine service providers support our East Coast horse life. Trainers, instructors, veterinarians, farriers,  horse breeders, and tack suppliers are just a small sample of the dedicated professionals located along the Atlantic coastal plain.

Folks in the Eastern part of the country have access to some of the best retail shopping available.  The sky is the limit in retail, including horse trailers, tack and tack repair, feed, fencing, barns and equipment. And don’t forget some of the most original equestrian gifts, art and home furnishings.

Depending on where you live, sometimes finding things like quality hay, a new farrier or children’s show clothes can be limited. We’re always looking for vendors we can list to help us all get connected.

If you run a horse farm or stable, or other equine-based business or service, you’re always exploring good ways to reach new customers. Most of all, the ability to easily locate the professionals and supplies that will make our “horse life” simpler is paramount.

Our goal is to help you find it, or to help you be found.

Be our guest and join our growing group of businesses.

Need to find a faHorse farm and business owners, promote your services at East Coast Horses.rm to board your “furry friend?” Shopping for a horse trailer? Ready to build a barn, or repair a saddle? Visit our East Coast Horse Directory and locate “who” or “what” you’re searching for in your area.

If you operate an equine business or service, be sure to list it. Make yourself available to our visitors. Increase your professional visibility!