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You might not think you can find quality dressage saddles for sale that are affordable. We have great news! Not every well-made saddle has to be cost-prohibitive. Join us as we review what makes a great saddle in the everyday world of dressage riding, schooling and competing.

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Dressage is a discipline that challenges a horse and rider team to execute specific precision movements, while maintaining the illusion that it all magically happens with little communication from the rider to the horse.

It all comes down to correct basics, and taking the time to develop and progressively build upon them. The importance of a good dressage saddle cannot be overstated. The saddle must enhance comfort, balance, positioning and communication, with maximum freedom of movement for the horse.

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The reality of dressage is grounded in the fact that there is an extreme amount of “language” flowing back and forth between the horse and rider. There are subtle cues given by the rider to the horse from seat, hand, body, and leg aids.

A horse and rider pair make the ride look “effortless and magical” because many hours are spent polishing and practicing these movements, building up their fitness and stamina, and making cues and communication look invisible. The sport stands alone, and is also the first day of competition for 3-day eventing.

About Dressage Saddles

Since dressage is a discipline that revolves around precision, the choice of saddle used must allow for a horse and rider pair to have the freedom and comfort needed to stay relaxed, but focused on their ride. The dressage rider needs a saddle designed to aid in the transmission of cues or aids to the horse.

The saddle must also encourage the horse and rider to stay in harmony and tempo with each other. This balanced interrelationship is best accomplished by the rider staying in an upright position riding with a much longer leg. The benefits of this positioning for the rider is much less interference for the horse due to balance issues, and better leg contact resulting in crisp cues given by the rider.

The essential goals outlined above demand the choice of saddle that is unique in the way that it functions, and that saddle must be the dressage saddle.

The dressage saddle is the antithesis of a jumping saddle:

  1. The dressage saddle has a much deeper seat for a close contact ride that promotes cleaner and more concise seat aids.
  2. To allow for a straightened and lengthened leg position, the dressage saddle has long and straight flaps with virtually no forward angle. This is a complete dichotomy from the jumping saddle that has an extreme forward angle for supporting a much shorter stirrup length and bent knee.
  3. The dressage saddle has a greatly elevated pommel and a distinctly higher cantle in comparison to the much flatter pommel and cantle on a jumping saddle. The elevated pommel and cantle contribute to the deep seat found in these saddles.
  4. Stirrups are set directly beneath the deep seat of the dressage saddle versus the forward hung stirrups of the jumping saddle. This arrangement allows the rider to almost stand while riding.
  5. The billet lengths on the dressage saddle are long. This long length is essential for the use of a shortened girth to eliminate bulk under the rider’s leg which could interfere with leg aids. In contrast, the billets are short on the jumping saddle.

Find dressage saddles for sale to meet your needs and budget.

horse and rider executing dressage testThe typical reflex when contemplating the purchase of a saddle is to pay as little as possible for it. Just remember that we sometimes get what we pay for.

If possible, and the budget will allow for it, purchase as much quality as you can afford. But as you can see with dressage saddles for sale such as Wintec Pro or Kincaid, this does not mean you will have to pay a fortune for it!

When properly cared for, a quality saddle will reward you with many years of good service. This style of saddle can be built on a wood or fiberglass tree, and may be crafted using leather or synthetic materials. The color is usually black, but they can also be found in brown or grey. Think of your dressage saddle as an investment in comfort and enhanced performance for both yourself and your equine partner.

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