Cavaletti Exercises – 3 Cavaletti Workouts for the Jumping Course

Caveletti exercises are often used to introduce the horse and rider to various aspects of the show jumping course. Dom Schramm of Schramm Equestrian and Evention TV makes it even more fun with three exercises that will get your horse thinking about:

  1. Changing Leads
  2. Introducing turns and combinations
  3. Curving lines and getting the correct lead – More challenging!

Enjoy some great and easy tips and exercises to help you get the most out of cavaletti work!


Cavaletti Exercise #1 – Changing Leads

One of the more basic cavaletti exercises, this gentle serpentine workout helps practice proper lead changes while keeping a nice, steady rhythm. Set up the cavaletti straight down the center line of your ring or arena. Allow your horse to canter smoothly  through the course, taking nice easy turns, and practice correctly changing leads.

Cavaletti Exercise #2 – Turns & Combinations with “Bounces”

The idea of this exercise is to get the horse jumping while being careful and thinking about his feet. It also introduces the horse or rider to the idea of having turns to combinations, which they’ll get into more when they start jumping courses.

This exercise has two sets of bounces, with a cavaletti one, two or three strides away from the bounce. Start by going over the single cavaletti. In this case, we’ve done two strides to a little bounce, which is 9 or 10 feet apart. You wheel around and come back the opposite direction on the second part, which is a bounce two strides out.

Cavaletti Exercise #3 – Curving lines and getting the correct lead

These cavaletti exercises challenge the horse in a way that is more realistic to how show jumping courses are laid out.  You’re asking the horse to work on a curving line, without drifting, while picking up the correct lead.

As demonstrated in the video, three cavaletti are set up in the form of a triangle at each end of the ring. You can set this exercise up to fit your practice area, and in various ways to make your workout more interesting.