Western Show Saddles – Awesome Style, Top Performance

Nothing puts the “show” into a horse show like quality western show saddles. Unleash your style with handsome silver trim and exquisite leather tooling – and try western pleasure show saddles that ride as good as your favorite, everyday work saddle. When it comes to personal character and style, western pleasure classes allow us to get our “bling on” through … Read more

Reining Horse vs Cow Horse – What’s the Difference?

Reining horse vs cow horse – like saddles, there are subtle but important differences between the two. They have different jobs and performance requirements. In this Western Horseman.com presentation,  pro horseman and champion reined cow horse rider Todd Crawford illustrates some of the differences between the reining horse and the cow horse.     The first example is the … Read more

Training a Horse to Work Cattle

In this video, pro Trainer Larry Trocha demonstrates how to start and school a young or green horse on a cow.   Mr. Trocha prepares to work a four year old gelding on a cow. The goals are to work on certain things, as this horse was never really finished. The main issues are The … Read more

Horse Training Sliding Stop – How to Perform Big Time Sliding Stops

Reining horse training, sliding stop training – check out these step-by-step training tips from pro reiner on how to teach your horse a big sliding stop, plus spin, rollback and more. “Reining Horse Training for Longer Sliding Stops!” A pro’s advice about what it takes for a reining horse or reined cow horse to perform big-time sliding stops. … Read more

Basic Western Horsemanship & Riding

Basic Western Horsemanship and Riding This is a very basic western horsemanship video. Janel Brookshire’s riding lesson video is for riders of all ages who have good, broke horses to learn on. The instructions are focused on the student rider (not the horse). This clip walks us through the following steps of western riding: It’s important to become competent in walking and trotting. This means … Read more

Spooked Horse Problem Solving

The spooked horse is going to run somewhere – wherever they think “safety” is. Pat Parelli helps this horse owner learn how to make his adopted “rescue” mustang gain confidence and become calmer. Working with the Spooked Horse A horse’s survival depends on his ability to flee and outrun his predators. An experienced horseman will embrace … Read more

If Your Horse Is Running Scared

A horse running scared cannot respect you and is dangerous. How do you deal with that? Check out pro trainer Clinton Anderson helping a horse owner handle a scared horse. In this live demo Clinton Anderson shows how he helps a horse owner establish leadership between himself and an aggressive horse. Watch as Clinton creates a … Read more

History of American Cowboys

The history of American cowboys tells a fascinating story. The cowboy – the heroic figure of popular novels and films – was in reality an underpaid, under-thanked, but highly important laborer employed in difficult, dangerous, and sometimes dreary work When Did It All Start? The true beginning of the history of American cowboys began immediately … Read more

Cowboy Symbols – Why They Are America’s Symbols

Cowboy symbols represent a spirit of independence and self-reliance. The American cowboy lives what he believes, and does not worry about conforming to anyone’s mold. At the same time, a cowboy is a man of substance, strength and courage. Cowboy symbols of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, spurs, horses, and belt buckles are evidence of the … Read more