Horse Trailer Monitoring System – What’s the Best Trailer Camera?

“I never wonder how my horses are traveling…” said no one ever. Finally, there’s a horse trailer monitoring system to fit your rig and budget! What’s the best trailer camera for you? Compare the 4 top-rated trailer cams on the market today! The following information and videos discuss the best wireless trailer cameras and brands. … Read more

Guide to Safe Horse Trailering

Owning a horse trailer equals freedom! And before we hit the road, we need to follow safety procedures and do some fundamental systems checks to help assure confident and safe horse trailering. A few hours spent now will prevent future disasters on the highway. My name is Norma Gurkin, and I have been involved in … Read more

Gooseneck Horse Trailer Shopping – Buying Tips and Checklist

If you’re trailer shopping, you may be trying to decide whether a gooseneck horse trailer is the right type for you. GN trailers are definitely the preference for many who need expanded hauling capacity and greater stability. Commonly designed in 1-horse to 8-horse configurations, you’ll see veteran horse transporters pulling larger goosenecks loaded with 14+ … Read more

Will Used Horse Trailer Values Become Standardized?

Finding used horse trailer values – their real values – has been a struggle for used horse trailer owners and buyers. Finally, here’s news about horse trailer blue book values, where both new and used horse trailer prices will become standardized. Determining used horse trailer values is basically educated guesswork. It used to be (and … Read more

Loading The Scared Horse

Loading the scared horse into the trailer requires reintroducing the horse trailer slowly, in a relaxed manner. The horse that is frightened of the trailer isn’t a bad or disobedient horse. But he does need to heed your cues, and he does need to “feel safe.” Here’s a great article that explains how to accomplish this. Applied … Read more

Loading the Disobedient Horse

Loading the disobedient horse requires that we reinforce obedience so the horse will follow your every step. How do you do that? Whether you have a front-load, slant-load, a stock trailer or a six-horse gooseneck, some horses simply don’t want to get up in there. When loading the disobedient horse, the tactics are different than … Read more

Western Hauler Truck Beds – Custom & Standard Truck Bed Features

What should you look for in western hauler truck beds? No matter what you’re hauling, attention to details is key. Depending on whether you want a flatbed with gooseneck hookup, built-in tool boxes or a customized headache rack, the construction of your hauler truck bed should meet your specs. For hard-working haulers to transport your … Read more

Basic Horse Trailer Training

It seems like everyone has their own idea of horse trailer training methods. This article gets down to the basics of what trailer training is all about. In fact, it’s the basis for all horse training from the ground. Get this right, and your horse will load up nice and easy, every time. Applied Heeding: … Read more