Jump Saddles – Close Contact, Hunter Jumper

Nothing puts you in better contact with your horse over fences than top quality, perfectly balanced jump saddles. Welcome to a super selection of show jumping, close contact and hunter/jumper saddles, as well as all-purpose English saddles suitable for over fences, hunter under saddle classes, and hunter equitation. Find children and pony tack to adult … Read more

Cavaletti Exercises – 3 Cavaletti Workouts for the Jumping Course

Caveletti exercises are often used to introduce the horse and rider to various aspects of the show jumping course. Dom Schramm of Schramm Equestrian and Evention TV makes it even more fun with three exercises that will get your horse thinking about: Changing Leads Introducing turns and combinations Curving lines and getting the correct lead – More challenging! … Read more

Improve Your Sitting Trot – Tips to Sit the Trot Better!

Dom and Jimmie Schramm of Evention TV show us how to improve the sitting trot. Who doesn’t want to sit the trot a bit better, right? These riding exercises focused on improving the sitting trot are not only easy to learn and do, but really help create better balance, seat and posture. Dom explains the most common … Read more

World Equestrian Mounted Games – 2010 Champions, Team USA

World Equestrian Mounted Games – 2010 Champions, Team USA The 2010 World Equestrian Games debuted the Mounted Games during their competition. The 2010 WEG were held in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park. The international teams that traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park competed in the Mounted Games Demonstration over 8 days. The 2010 World … Read more

Mounted Pony Games

Here we go! Mounted Pony Games Across America – “Stepping Stones” Three cheers for Punk Rock Ponies! From Mid-Atlantic Games 2006. Did you know: Mounted Games Across America has events up and down the East Coast? It seems their venues range from Virginia to New Hampshire. Definitely going to check them out! Their website is www.mountedgames.org. … Read more

Two Point, Half Seat and Light Seat Explained

This Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) video will help to explain terminology in riding over fences that we hear quite often – two point, half seat and light seat. Two Point, Half Seat and Light Seat The differences in some of the seat positions and types of seats in our English riding can cause some confusion. … Read more