Checking Your Horse’s Vital Signs – Step by Step

Know how to measure your horse’s temperature, pulse, respiration rate, hydration status and blood pressure. Presented by Dr. Roberta Dwyer of the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center, and Taking note of your horse’s vital signs on a routine basis is an important part of keeping a healthy horse. And if your horse just … Read more

Evaluating the Older Horse – Senior Horse Health

As horses age, their health needs change. Evaluating the older horse is an important part of meeting those needs and avoiding preventable health issues. Soundness can result in a longer life for your horse, not to mention at less expense. With older equines, what appears to be one problem is often related to another issue that is the … Read more

Horse Rescue – Help Save A Horse

Horse Rescue on the East Coast starts here… The United States Equine Rescue League, Inc. (USERL) A tax exempt charity, the USERL is a valuable, needed service that takes funding, time, and dedication. Please take a moment to learn about this inspiring group of people, right in your neighborhood. East Coast Horses is proud to … Read more

21 Tips to Prepare Your Horse for Hurricane Season!

Do you know what to do to prepare your horse for hurricane conditions? Here’s the horse owners’ guide to equine safety measures before, during and after hurricanes and flooding.  You check your local news, and something stops you in your tracks; a hurricane is headed towards your area. Your thoughts quickly turn from that leisurely … Read more

How to Use Polo Wrap or Standing Wrap

Like many people, you many not be sure how to use polo wrap correctly, or when leg wrapping is called for. This video offers a real clear guide to the proper way to safely wrap your horse’s legs with polo or standing wraps for protection and support. Our polo wrapping video is presented by the Certified Horsemanship Association, narrated by … Read more