Billy Cook Roping Saddle

Get the Billy Cook roping saddle your horse wants. Built with a proper (low) center of pull on the horn to protect your horse’s withers, as well as bars designed to eliminate excess pressure the horse’s shoulder muscles.

Billy Cook saddle makers know how to make a quality roping saddle that provide you with stability in the seat, while making it easy for you to come out of the saddle quickly to tie the calf. Below are just a few of the roping saddles by Billy Cook we recommend. Guaranteed secure shopping, with the best prices anywhere by the one and only Horse Saddle Shop.

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Billy Cook saddles have a distinct look and style that will make you confident and your horse work better. You know you’ve got a winner when a saddle has seen its rough days and it’s still the one you swing up most times. So always give the saddle a good look, ask questions, try it out. Remember, our sales partner and dealer Horse Saddle Shop has free shipping with an excellent exchange program.


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