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Big Horn saddles may just be the best western saddles for your money.  Big Horn is now part of American Saddlery, and these outstanding saddles are sold only through authorized dealers. We’re proud to bring them to you at the lowest prices available through Horse Saddle Shop.

For over 40 years, Big Horn western saddles have been the “go-to” saddles for western pleasure, high performance, show, trail, and endurance. The saddlemaker understands different horse breeds and builds, from hard working stock horses to the lighter breeds and the way they move.

Big Horn reining saddles
Big Horn reining saddle

Each leather saddle is built from the highest quality leather, hardware, trees and stitching. Their reputation is built on high quality, comfortable saddles for horse and rider at an affordable cost.

Big Horn cordura saddles are extremely popular, and for good reason. They are light weight, extremely rugged and fit exceptionally well.

Check out Big Horn saddles for your Western discipline:

Big Horn leads the way with their designs of stock horse saddles for reining, training, roping, endurance, trail, barrel, and show. They also produce a great collection of gaited horse saddles, plus saddles for draft, haflinger and arabian horses.

Their ingenuity in designing saddles is known across the U.S. for fitting horses with short backs, extra wide backs, and straight backs. All part of the reason why owners of a Big Horn saddle won’t ride in anything else.

Why are Big Horn Saddles so popular?

Big Horn roping saddle
Big Horn roping saddles

Big Horn offers innovations such as the popular Sil-Cush anti-microbial foam padding. This technology allows air to flow through, reducing heat, dampness, and irritation.

Aside from being extremely affordable and comfortable after long hours in the saddle, Big Horn saddle trees are made in three ways: wood wrapped with bull hide, injection molded, and wood wrapped fiberglass (Equi-fit or Ralide.)

All saddle trees are then customized with a choice of quarter, semi or full Quarter Horse Bars, gaited horse bars, flat top-line bars, bars designed especially for the Haflinger, draft horse and draft crosses, as well as bars designed specifically to fit the trail and endurance horse.

Also, not all flex trees are created equal. With all Big Horn saddles, the flex trees used are top of the line.

  • The Equi-fit saddle trees used by Big Horn are molded to the horse’s shape to ensure a proper fit with the flexibility to reduce pressure points while allowing freer movement.
  • The Ralide flexible tree is formed in one solid piece, with a sturdy body and a well-proportioned, uniform shape. There are no separate horns, cantles or ground seats, which means no wood to bend, split, mildew or rot, or joints to come loose.

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