Big Horn Cordura Saddles

Big Horn cordura saddles are built for many specific types of riding, different horse breeds and builds, and are even designed to fit different builds of riders such female riders or big and tall riders.

Lightweight and very affordable, cordura saddles by Big Horn are an excellent addition to any tack room. Made of padded Cordura nylon, the stirrup fenders are flexible and soft, making them naturally conform to your legs. Padded seats give you a more comfy “sit” – many seats are suede which eliminates sliding.

From beginning rider to advanced, owners of Big Horn cordura saddles also know about the comfort it brings to their horses. With most cordura saddles weighing less than 25 pounds, easy lifting means a softer contact when hoisted onto the horse’s back. In fact, everything’s easier.

Cordura saddles by Big Horn generally have a leather front, jockey and cantle binding. Cordura nylon skirts, fenders and housings are strong, supple and will withstand the test of time. Specific saddles have specially designed bars to fit the confirmations of different breeds.

Big Horn Cordura Saddles (See Why People Love Them!)

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The Big Horn Saddle company knows how to build saddles and they back each one up with a 10 year tree guarantee. Unlike other synthetic saddles, Big Horn saddles are made with fiberglass covered wood, Ralide and Flex trees that can take years of rugged wear.

Another plus is ease of care. Cleaning Big Horn synthetic saddles is simple enough – usually a good going-over with a damp cloth does the trick for real tough mud and grime, using a mild dish soap works great. The only thing you’ll ever need to oil is the leather front, jockey and cantle binding.

We recommend this saddle for anyone that wants a comfortable trail ride. For someone with arthritis or has to struggle to maneuver heavy leather saddles, lightweight cordura saddles are a great choice.

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