Beth Tew – A Lifetime Spent Just Horsin’ Round

Beth Tew, owner/manager of the “Just Horsin’ Round Budget Friendly Horse Show Circuit” is a lady on a mission. Beth’s commitment is to help bolster the regional horse industry by providing exhibitors with an open horse show circuit that is “budget friendly” and accessible by all.

We visited Beth’s Just Horsin’ Round June show, and it was a beautiful day as the horse trailers came rolling in.

We found Beth (in her sparkle cap) and Bozo (in his ECU blanket) in the show office, where she generously spent time relaying her story. She would tell you it is not anything special. We hold that her story is quite special; it’s a venture of personal drive, commitment and giving back to the equestrian community.

Beth Tew in show office

The Just Horsin’ Round Budget Friendly Show Circuit

The mission statement for Beth’s unique horse show circuit states “We offer reduced rates so that everyone has a chance to show at one of the finest facilities in the country.

The “Just Horsin’ Round Budget Friendly Horse Show Circuit” consists of three show dates per year held at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center (SBMEAC) located in Williamston, NC. The state of the art horse show facility is owned and operated by the state of North Carolina.

Just Horsin' Round show at SBMEAC

The show dates in this circuit are two days each (Saturday and Sunday). Even though each show lasts for two days, each separate day is considered “one show.” There is a different class list and judge for each day.

Horse Shows with Something for Everyone

The JHR shows are open, all breed horse shows which means that they are open to attendance by any breed or mixed breed of equine. Additionally, the circuit shows do not require registration papers for horses to participate.

There are separate “divisions” that exhibitors and their horses can show in during the show weekend. These divisions are; Halter, Showmanship, Saddle seat, Saddle Pleasure Type, Hunt Seat, Field Hunter, Western Pleasure, and Working Western.

Showmanship exhibitors wait their turn at the JHR June show

Beth Tew strongly believes that affordability in a horse show equals accessibility, and her quest is to keep prices down as much as possible.

She strives to keep stall prices and entry fees at a lower level than other events held at the SBMEAC. This attention to cost control can certainly be a challenge, but she always works to offer a quality, fun experience that everyone can enjoy.

Although Beth is always cognizant of the “Budget Friendly” nature of her show circuit, there is one area that always receives top notch attention; the hiring of the show judges. A new and different judge is used on each separate show day. A longtime judge herself, Beth places special emphasis on choosing judges for the shows who are, in her words, “top notch, fair, and knowledgeable.”

Just Horsin’ Round Show Office Staff
Just Horsin’ Round Show Office Staff: Shannon Layne, Beth Tew, Connie Knight

The class list for the circuit reflects her efforts to offer a wide variety of offerings for all levels of horses and riders. There are youth classes, adult classes, junior horse classes, green horse classes, pony classes, academy classes, training classes, go-as-you-please and canter classes, in addition to open and novice classes. The shows offer an avenue for young horses and young riders to gain valuable horse show experience and “show mileage” in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The shows for the Just Horsin’ Round Budget Friendly Circuit are always well attended as evidenced by the stall rental numbers in the facility barns running between 150 and 225 per show weekend. The class sizes average 8 to 10 horses, but occasionally there will be 20 plus horse classes. The class sizes at these shows can prove beneficial to exhibitors and their horses needing to practice in “traffic.”


Just horsin’ round with youth exhibitor Sierra Price

Each class in the horse show series offers ribbons through sixth place. Each separate show offers awards for the Champion and Reserve Champion horses in each of the divisions. As Beth states in the show manifest, “We choose our awards carefully and with a budget in mind so that the show series follows our ‘Budget Friendly’ theme.”

Just Horsin’ Round Circuit Awards

One more item that may be of interest to exhibitors is the tracking of points for the division circuit awards available after the last show is completed.

To be eligible for these circuit end awards, you must sign up at the first show, after which your points will start to accumulate.

There is a minimum number of show days that you are required to attend to stay eligible. At the last weekend show date, year-end high point awards are presented to the Champion and Reserve Champion horses in each of six divisions.

Visiting with exhibitor Lynsey and show mom Johnna, with their handsome boy “Tux
Visiting with exhibitor Lynsey and show mom Johnna, with their handsome boy “Tux”

A Life Based on Motivation, Training and Horsemanship

Beth Tew has spent a lifetime around horses and horse show management. Her extensive experience on all sides of the aisle as an exhibitor, trainer, horse owner and horse show judge, contributes to a heavy base of knowledge that she draws upon as a show manager.

Saddleseat exhibitors after their classBeth started laying the pathway for her role in the horse show community early in life. Her humble start in the equine world began as a child with a burro name “Pedro.” From her buddy “Pedro” she advanced to saddle horses and hackney ponies. Beth developed a keen interest in harness ponies, cobb tails, road ponies, and fine harness.

All through high school and college, she continually studied under different trainers to develop her skills and lay the ground work for being a trainer herself, when the time was right.

“I’ve always firmly believed that if you’re going to learn to be a horse trainer, you need to work with another trainer,” says Beth. “You don’t learn it out of a book. You need somebody to take you under their wing and teach you the ropes.”

Beth adds, “From when my daddy bought me my first burro, we had to make our own show horses. My daddy never bought me a finished show horse, never. You did it all yourself.”

An Interesting, Active Path

After Beth completed college she worked for one year under a lawyer, but decided that her true calling was with the horses. She struck out on her own by renting half of the barn from Ingleside Farms located in Raleigh, NC. She “put out her shingle” and started training horses.

After several years at Ingleside, Beth made the decision to build her own farm in Wendell, NC. It was during this time that she worked with her first Morgan, and her first Arabian horse. This lead to a multiple breed training barn for her.

Just Horsin Round show exhibitors

Beth managed a thriving training business at her farm for ten to twelve years before receiving a phone call that brought her to the eastern part of the state. Jason Harrell, owner of La Mirage Stables in Farmville, NC contacted her, and coaxed her to manage and train at his barn for eight years. Beth never left the area, and still makes her home in Farmville to this day.

When Beth’s tenure at La Mirage was over, her next training and showing ventures took a dramatic turn from her past roles. While searching for a place to board her daughter’s horse, she was introduced to the Miles Cartrette Quarter Horse barn. Beth was offered a position training and showing Quarter Horse halter horses.

This successful partnership between Beth and Miles Cartrette ended abruptly when Mile’s barn flooded during a hurricane. The Cartrette barn was not re-opened, and Beth found herself without a barn to work out of, and without a place to board her daughter’s horse.

Moving her daughter’s horse to another area farm, Beth continued to train horses for a limited number of clients for several years. Sadly, her daughter’s horse died, and Beth decided that it was time for her to pursue a somewhat different career pathway.

Beth now teaches GED classes and works with the housing authority. Although no longer training horses professionally, Beth is still very active in the horse community on many levels. She continues to run horse shows, maintains an active role in judging horse shows, and helps her daughter Elizabeth with maintaining and showing her champion Morgan Horse named “Gotcha” (aka “Boo”).

Versatile and Accomplished Show Manager

Since the early stages of her horse career, Beth has managed horse shows. She has developed a proven track record of successful horse show ownership and management. She has been involved in the running of multiple competitions that are readily recognized by show participants regionally.

Some of the shows that she has successfully managed, or co-managed include: Coastal Plains Shows, Wendell Lions Club Show, The Children’s Miracle Network Show, Virginia Quarter Horse Association Show, and the Martinganza Quarter Horse Show.

Western warmup at the JHR horse show

Beth has also played large roles in shows such as the East Coast Open Horse Show Circuit and the Blue Ribbon Open Horse Show. Her track record of successful horse show operation has set the stage for her current undertaking of many years, which is the Just Horsin’ Round Budget Friendly Horse Show Circuit.

Immersed in “all things horses” for her entire life, Beth Tew has carved out an important role for herself in the equine community and continues her active involvement today. She has a passion and drive for doing what she loves, and still dedicates much time towards helping others to enjoy the horse show experience.

Her way of giving back to the horse show community is now reflected through the Just Horsin’ Round Show Circuit – providing a “pocket book friendly” vehicle to meet the needs of her horse show friends.

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