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With decades in the horse industry and over 12 years of running horse shows, what we have learned from the hundreds of horse people we have met is that we’re all wonderfully different from regular people.

Different because we’re a little obsessed. From PA to Virginia and the Carolinas to Florida — amateurs, farm owners, boarding stables, trainers, show-goers — are motivated, salt of the earth people.

They may not be famous, don’t have a reality show, haven’t written a book – but they are extraordinary. They have tremendous knowledge and passion for what they do, and they never stop learning and teaching. They are the ones that truly make a difference in their communities; they are the experts that inspire and help kids and amateurs reach those same levels of horsemanship. They are the rock stars, but they do not do it for fame and fortune. They do it because horses are the thing that brings them alive, brings light into their eyes, what they thrive on night and day.  Be it their profession or hobby; the horse brings them joy and purpose. Without a horse, they are incomplete.

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This website is for and about these resourceful, hardworking people. We feature and promote horse farms, trainers, riding instructors, boarding barns, horse shows and clinics, farriers, vets and other services here in North Carolina and in neighboring states on a personal, genuine level.

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If you own or manage a horse-related business, we would love to help you get the word out. Think of us as an extra nudge to help propel your equestrian service or craft into the circles that would love to know about you! As a complimentary service, there’s never any charge.

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