About East Coast Horses

ECH explores and promotes regional and local horse farms, businesses and services, educational equine programs and schools, and all manner of equestrian activities.

Connecting the East Coast Horse Community

Our mid-Atlantic states are rich in equestrian resources. The equine industry plays a key economic role for NC, SC, VA, GA, PA, MD and beyond. In our very own neighborhood – a radius of just 10 miles of Eastern NC –  we are amazed at the high caliber horse activities, educational opportunities, and knowledge that abounds.

Getting the Word Out

As we continue to look in-depth at local and regional horse people and services, we’re discovering valuable equine enterprises that need to be proclaimed and made known. As equestrians, we will all benefit!

With over 25 years in the horse industry, and from 12 years of running open horse shows, what we’ve learned from the hundreds of horse people we’ve met is that, as a group, we’re wonderfully different from regular people.

Who else would pay $100’s in show fees to ride for 126 seconds to win a $2.50 ribbon?

Or haul 4 hours just to unload, tack up, ride till dark, lug water from a stream and sleep in a tent?

Different because we’re a little obsessed. From Maine to Virginia and the Carolinas to Florida — amateurs, farm owners, boarding stables, trainers, show goers — are just good, salt of the earth people.

They may not be famous, don’t have a reality show, haven’t written a book – but they are incredible horse people. They have tremendous knowledge and passion for what they do, and they never stop learning and teaching.

These are the people that truly make a difference in their communities.

They are the experts that inspire and help kids, amateurs and others reach those same levels of horsemanship. They inherently teach patience, work ethic, responsibility and sportsmanship. They are the rock stars, but they do not do it for fame and fortune.

They do it because horses are the thing that brings them alive, brings light into their eyes, what they thrive on night and day. Be it their profession or hobby, the horse brings joy and purpose. Without a horse, they are incomplete.

This website is for and about the great, hardworking local horse men and women in our east coast communities.

We are Norma Gurkin and Trish Andrews. Our home is North Carolina. We hope to showcase and promote horse farms, trainers, boarding barns, horse shows, saddle makers, farriers, trailer dealers and equestrians throughout the Carolinas and across our neighboring East Coast states on a personal, genuine level.

If you have ideas for our East Coast Horses website, we’d love to hear about them. Get in touch, and be sure to check out our  and Featured Farms and Business Directory.

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